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June 07 2014

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July 01 2013

Interviewer: How do you feel about criticism of your personality? Not only about your actor work, we also mean your everyday life.

Misha: I don’t give a fuck.

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My mom became utterly terrified when she saw that this was my computers background
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June 29 2013

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February 16 2013

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February 12 2013

Castiel in s4e20 vs. s8e08

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February 04 2013

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found this cheat sheet i did for nell lol

i’m no good at explaining things but i tried :U

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January 31 2013

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January 24 2013

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January 16 2013

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January 13 2013

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January 11 2013

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January 09 2013

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December 30 2012

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the grey shirt appreciation post

#misha looks so good in gray #also in everything #also in nothing

oh my god did i really add those tags i guess i forgot

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December 28 2012

December 01 2012

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November 25 2012

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Omg, these lips!
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